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September, 2015 | Kelley Electrical Services

Where Do I need Smoke/ CO Detectors In My House?

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Many people simply do not realize where they need to place a smoke detector to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their home.  So, here is what the City of Syracuse adopts and recommends.

For an existing single family home, they may be battery operated and not interconnected. One in each bedroom, one outside each sleeping area, one in any area that could be used as a sleeping area, and one on each level of the home.

You need not place one in the kitchen, this might be a ‘nuisance’ tripping constantly whenever your cook.  Though not required, it might still be a good idea if you can get it to work without nuisance tripping.

One other note, for the one required in the basement, the City recommends to place it on the ceiling close to where the air might draft up the staircase.  I placed one there in my fathers house about 15 years ago, and when he accidentally knocked his pipe ashes in the trash can instead of the ashtray, the detector alerted him and he was able to exit the house before the Fire Department showed up.

In NYS, following the passing of Amber’s Law, all homes and apartments must have at least one working Carbon Monoxide detector.  For single family homes, apartments, and townhouses with a forced air furnace, one CO detector is required, on the lowest level of the house having a bedroom.  This may be a battery operated or hardwired, or combination smoke/co detector with both ac and battery backup.