Welcome! We strive to maintain our customer base by sticking to the following principals: Customer respect, work done correctly, safety, code and law compliance, competency, and very reasonable pricing.


Kelley Electrical Services is an owner operated family business founded in 1996. Our electricians are taught the right way to wire a house, in compliance with industry standards and the National Electrical Code, as well as the City of Syracuse Property Conservation Electrical Code.
Owner Gannon Kelley has worked as an electrician for over 20 years. Kelley is a member of the National Grid Connects program which allows Licensed Electricians in good standing to connect to existing services- without waiting 7-10 days for National Grid. Kelley obtained his electricians license in Syracuse NY in 1995, and is certified by NYS as an alarm installer. Kelley holds a BS Electrical Engineering Technology from SUNY at Utica Rome. Experience has included GE Military Electronics, several electrical firms, and working in the construction field as well as for the Union. Kelley also has an extensive residential construction background, and has personally designed and constructed homes as a contractor of record. Kelley was a volunteer with the fire services in past,where he gained perspective on safety aspects of electrical wiring related to construction with respect to the danger spots of electrical work.

Areas We Serve

Serving the City of Syracuse and surrounding suburbs since 1995.

Our Customers

Kelley Electrical Services has wired and rewired countless homes throughout the City of Syracuse and the surrounding area. We have wired new homes for business owners, executives, teachers, firefighters, ..people from all strides of life. We have rehabilitated many structures over 100 years old. We strive to maintain our customers by sticking to simple principals: Attentiveness to the customer request, quality work done in a timely manner, competency, safety, code and law compliance, trust, and all at a very reasonable price. We offer discounts to regular customers and to Seniors. Free estimates are gladly provided.

Our Rates

Most people are understandably apprehensive of calling an electrician, because they understand so little about it. We at Kelley are interested in gaining your trust by pleasing you the very first time around with a great job done at a reasonable price. That way, we hope you will consider coming back to us. The amount we charge you will depend on whether you are given a free quote for a specific job, such as service installation, or whether we come out as a service call. As always, we provide free estimates and site visits.

Often we are asked to ‘ballpark’ a job on the phone. In some instances this is possible, however most of the time it is better to visit and look over the job. We are more than glad you a free, absolutely no-obligation estimate for the work you request.

Call Us: (315) 476-3885

For a free, no-obligation estimate or for Emergency work, call to schedule a repair. If you get the recording please leave a detailed message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Call (315) 476-3885
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