Electrical Services for New Home Construction, Rehabs & Remodels

Electrical Services for New Homes, Rehabs, Remodels

Have a residential wiring project? From new, to not-so-new, we have done it all and are ready to do yours!  Restorations and brand new houses. 

The Process

So what are the steps?  It depends on what your project involves.  Perhaps you have a new home with architectural prints of the electrical.  Perhaps you just want that new home wired ‘to code’ with your own ideas for lighting, or you are looking for suggestions on things like lighting and appliances, we can help with all this.  View all of our Electrical Services

Rough-In Wiring (Total Rewire)

A total new home, or a total rewire, means starting from the bare wall studs.  Here, the “Rough-In” wiring is done. Circuits are designed  to the Electrical Code, either by the architect or the electrician and homeowner, and outlet boxes are set for receptacles, lighting, and appliances.  This is done before the insulation is applied to the exterior walls, and typically after the plumbing and HVAC work is installed.  

Inspection, Walls & Device Installation

Then, once this rough in wiring is done and the electrician and owner satisfied, the electrical inspector is called to do an inspection of the electrical.  Once approved, now the final walls can go up, usually this means drywall. Once the drywall is finished by the drywaller, the painters come in and do the final painting.

Now, the electrician comes back and does the trimming of the electric wires and installs the devices such as switches, receptacles and lighting.  He then energizes and tests the circuits, devices and lighting, and Voila!  You are done.

Will I need a Permit?

If a new home, typically a construction permit must be obtained before the electrician can be issued a permit to do his work in Syracuse.  In the suburbs this general construction permit is issued by the local building inspector office. In Syracuse, only a licensed electrician can be issued an electrical construction permit.  The licensed electrician is the permit holder.

Upgrading the Home’s Electrical Service (Outside the Home)

Your new or remodeled home may also need, or you may want, to upgrade your electrical service, which is the equipment and service entrance wire on the outside or your house from the utility pole.  Sometimes this runs underground and is called the service lateral.

Electrical Service & Amperage

You can consult us about a new electrical service, including the breaker panel, a new meter socket and wiring on the exterior. Considerations for the new service would be the size in amperage required for the home.  The electrician consults you to see what your needs are presently and what they may be in the future and a ‘dwelling load calculation’ is done.  Usual service sizes are 100, 150, and 200 amperes, although some very large homes may require even more than this!

Electrical Code, Circuit Breakers & Smoke Detectors

Rest assured we are up on the latest code requirements for your home including GFCI and AFCI circuits and circuit breakers required, as well as interconnected smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

More Than Just Electric

In addition to licensed electrical services, Gannon Kelley of Kelley Electric has a background that includes designing and building entire residential homes as the general contractor of record.  Although we do not provide general contractor services, this knowledge and experience allows us to aid in the entire new home electrical, and construction process.

Getting Started

Contact us at 315-476-3885 or kelleyelectric1@gmail.com to setup a discovery meeting.


We Also Install & Repair:

Electric  Panels
Fuses to Breakers
Underground Cable Fault locating
Room Additions
Kitchen Rewiring
Smoke Detectors Installed and Inspected
Ceiling Fans
National Grid shutoffs
GFCI and AFCI installation and maintenance
Estimates and Insurance work
Attic and Basement work
Natural Gas and Propane Generators
Sub Panels
Air Conditioner circuits
Meter Sockets
Overhead and Underground Service entrances
Load Balancing
Grounded Receptacles, Switches, Light fixtures
New Appliance circuits
Garage and Outbuilding circuits
Pool and Spa Circuits
Fire Damage Restoration
Old Home Wiring Restoration and Replacement
Power off meter inspections
Generators and Transfer Switches
Light Switches
Referrals to other trades such as major drywall repair, plumbing, heating and cooling

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